HDE Plasma Ball Lamp Light [Touch Sensitive] Nebula Sphere Globe Novelty Toy – USB or Battery Powered

Placing a finger tip on the glass creates an attractive spot for the energy to flow, because the conductive human body is more easily polarized than the dielectric material around the electrode providing an alternative discharge path having less resistance. See what you can learn from wikipedia? The HDE Plasma Ball is great for kids of all ages. Whether you are a fun loving work professional or a parent who wants their kids to learn about static electricity without the need to google Tesla’s high voltage plasma globe. This is a great year round gift idea.

Plasma Ball measures 3.18 inches diameter and 5.25 inches tall

Spark your students or childs interest in science and prepare for an immersive sensory experience | Simply place your fingers on the dome and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow your every move
Plasma globe is perfect for bringing back the classic experience of 1980’s nostalgia and classic monster movies | Interactive toy is the prefect combination of play and learning
Globe gives off the appearance of a corona discharge with multiple beams of colored lights tracking to your fingertips | Spellbinding globe looks fantastic in the dark and can double as a night light
Ball is a perfect desk toy for the home or office | Also a fantastic way to add to your home decor during Halloween
Plasma Lights is powered by included USB cable or (4) AAA batteries (not included) | Plasma ball measure 3.18 inches in diameter and 5.25 inches tall

Price: $19.99 - $8.99