Smartech Power Kit Portable Jump Starter Power Bank Air Pump Tire inflator Air Compressor

The SMARTECH TECH-5000P is an incredibly robust portable power kit containing a 12000Mah portable battery pack, a 150PSI air pump, an extensive array of mobile device powering accessories and a powerful 3W LED flashlight with 3 modes (HIGH, SOS, and STROBE). With a 12V/19V DC electric output and two USB ports, the Tech 5000P can power phones, laptops and even 12V accessories like micro stoves or blenders! The hand held air pump can reach 150PSI capable of inflating anything from a truck tire or performance bike tire to pool inflatables. Just plug it in, set your desired pressure level and let it do its thing with our auto-stop pressure feature. With a built-in LED and a variety of unit measurements, our air pump is perfect for anyone to use anywhere. The Tech-5000P power bank can be charged more than 1,000 times and the charge can last for as long as 1 year while in storage. Functional even at temperatures well below freezing or over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, It is the perfect product for emergency situations involving your vehicle or for on-the-go charging of your most relied upon portable devices. It even allows you to bring one less than you might normally, as we included a powerful 3 Watt LED flashlight with high, strobe and SOS modes. Included in the kit is a 19V 3.5A output adapter and charging tips for charging most laptop computers as well as dual charging cords for apple and android devices. With the 12V automotive adapter, you don’t even need to use the battery pack to power the air pump, you can plug it directly into your 12V electric output inside your vehicle. We’ve included a 12 foot power cord for exactly that reason. It even has a convenient storage case for the jump starter and all of its accessories. With Velcro straps and molded plastic inserts, the power kit can be kept neat and organized until it is ready to use.Jump Starter / Power Bank / Air Pump / Air Compressor
12V Power Station
Laptop Computer Power Station
Super Bright LED Flashlight

Price: $299.00 - $119.97